problems of cpap therapy

What Are The Problems Of CPAP Therapy?

There are many issues that are directly related to the use of CPAP therapy. Some of the associated problems are small, and others can be quite serious. It is very important for CPAP users to be aware of the problems that can be a result of the treatment.

One of the simplest problems caused by the use of the CPAP is the occurrence on red marks on the face. These irritating red marks are caused by over-tightening the mask on your face. Masks should always be tight enough to create a solid seal around you and the mask. This will stop oxygen from leaking out and diminishing the pressure of the machine. To avoid making the mask too tight, make small adjustments on the headgear and work in a clockwise direction around the mask to tighten it. Avoid pulling the mask on one side and then the other. Also, keep your mask clean to ensure a tight seal.

Another simple problem caused by the machine is waking up in the morning with a dry mouth. This is caused by sleeping with your mouth open. When using a nasal mask, if you breathe through your mouth during sleep you bypass the humidification being created; this also reduces the benefit of the CPAP therapy. Bypassing the created humidification can also cause the nasal passage to become dry and irritated. This irritation can result in bleeding and discomfort in the nasal passage.

Aerophagia is one of the more serious problems associated with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy. It is identified by bloating in the stomach and intestinal region. The bloating sensation is caused by swallowing air from the CPAP machine during sleep. It is a common cause of gas in the stomach, bloating, and belching. Try to sleep as flat as possible when using your CPAP machine to prevent the swallowing of air. If sleeping flat does not help the problem, try sleeping elevated, or on your side, whichever position you are not sleeping in currently. If changing your position does not help, talk to your medical consultant about possibly changing the pressure of air being exhibited by your machine.

The tube of your CPAP machine may also have a tendency to accumulate water. This is a cause of warm and moist air cooling in the tube on the way from your machine to your mask. This accumulation of water is referred to as a rainout and can be solved in a few ways: keeping CPAP machine at the same level as your bed, insulating the tube, or by raising the temperature of your bedroom.

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