traveling with a cpap machine

Traveling With A CPAP Machine

Traveling with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is generally a simple task. You can just put the machine in a carrying case designed for it; the case is just like another piece of luggage, and when you get to your location, just pull it out, plug it in, and breath easy. Traveling by air with your CPAP machine, however, may cause you to encounter a problem or two.

Most of the traveling units designed for CPAP users are usually pretty large and bulky. This can create an issue for people traveling in an airplane. Sometime the machine is too bulky to be a piece of carry-on luggage. In addition, CPAP machines can also be very heavy. There are times when the CPAP machine is too heavy to pack in checked luggage without making the luggage overweight. Luckily, there are CPAP machines made specifically for traveling. They are small and light enough to be able to be packed in your luggage without adding too much weight. The size of the traveling machine makes it ideal for lugging around to different hotel rooms; it fits easily beside a nightstand. For frequent flyers, it is probably best to invest in a machine of this size.

Be aware that airport security will inspect your CPAP machine. When it comes time for TSA to take a look at your machine, you will be required to remove it from its case so that it may be inspected. You may request that the TSA wear gloves during their inspection to prevent the spreading of germs. They will remove your machine and X-ray it. Your CPAP will also need to undergo a physical inspection to ensure the safety of other passengers; it must be checked and tested for an explosive device.

If you intend on using your CPAP machine during the plane ride, it is important that you are aware of the usage restrictions. While using the machine during the flight is allowed, you usually need to sit in first class. This is because there are power outlets in first class, but sometimes you can find a plane with the electrical outlets in business class; the outlet is called an EmPower outlet. Also, make sure that you bring an adaptor so that you will be able to run your machine on the plane.

You are allowed to use your CPAP machine on an airplane because it is a medical advice, and that right should never be denied to you. If you ever encounter a flight attendant or flight crew that refuses to let you use your machine, they are breaking the law. You may file a complaint regarding their actions with the Department of Transportation.

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