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CPAP Cleaning And Basic CPAP Equipment Maintenance

If you use a CPAP machine, it is very important to keep your machine clean to ensure that it is working at the best of its ability. While CPAP maintenance can sometimes be a hassle, it is necessary. Not all CPAP maintenance needs to be performed everyday; some parts of your machine only need tending to every week, or once a year. It is important to know the difference, and to care for your machine accordingly.

Some forms of CPAP machine maintenance must be performed everyday. It is important to clean parts of your CPAP machine everyday. The tubing, nasal mask, headgear, and pillows should be washed every single day to combat the spreading of germs and the growth of bacteria. You can wash these items by putting them in a sink full of warm water. You can also add a very modest amount of dish washing detergent to the warm water to ensure that they are fully cleansed. Let the items sit in the water for about five minutes. You should gently agitate the supplies to ensure that any debris is removed. After letting the pieces soak in the water, rinse them thoroughly with warm water and let them dry. When drying, make sure that all moisture is gone; hanging the gear on a hanger or a hook on the wall will help them dry thoroughly.

The filter in the back of the CPAP machine should be washed weekly. The filter can be cleaned by rinsing the filter with running water. Squeeze the filter under the running water to make sure that all of the dust is gone. Next, you can gently blot the filter with a cloth to remove the excess moisture. The filter of your machine should be replaced annually. The humidifier should also be washed at least once a week. It can be washed the same way as the filter, with warm soapy water. Disinfecting the humidifier is also important and can be done by soaking the humidifier in a solution made of vinegar and water, one part vinegar to five parts water. Let the humidifier soak for thirty minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Once a year, you should get your entire CPAP machine inspected. Having your machine inspected regularly is an important part of owing the equipment; this will ensure that your machine is producing the right amount of pressure and that all of the settings are working properly.

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