alternative medicine for sleep apnea

Alternative Treatment And Medicine For Sleep Apnea

People all over the world suffer with sleep apnea and all of the subsequent problems that accompany the disorder. For many of these people, conventional medicine is not always the right answer. CPAP machines are not comfortable for everyone, and surgeries and sleep studies can be very expensive. Alternative medicine is becoming a popular choice for a large portion of sleep apnea sufferers. Although there is not much concrete evidence to support many methods of alternative medicines, a lot of people diagnosed with sleep apnea are choosing to experiment with them none the less.

Breathing Exercises

Many sufferers are experimenting with breathing exercises to offset the negative effects of sleep apnea. Pranayama, a yoga related breathing technique, is one of the most popular forms of breathing exercises being practiced by patients. Pranayama is defined as the science of breath control and is one of the Five Principles of Yoga. Breathing is the function that our bodies use to support the level of oxygen needed to support all of our vital functions. This technique specifically focuses on an array of breathing techniques: high breathing, low breathing, middle breathing, and practicing the complete breath.

Strengthening Muscles

In correlation with understanding and practicing breathing techniques, it is important to strengthen the airway muscles. Apneas are often caused by the loosening of the muscles that support the airway. There are a lot of really fun things that you can do to make sure that the muscles that support your breath are strong, healthy, and supportive. Committing to regular sessions of singing with help strengthen these vital muscles. If you don’t enjoy singing, you can try playing a wind instrument like the didgeridoo or the saxophone. They both have the same positive benefits. Alternatively, try throat exercises for sleep apnea.


Acupuncture is another alternative medical technique that can have positive effects for sleep apnea sufferers, but is not a very commonly consulted practice for the disorder; its possible benefits are unknown to most patients. The goal of acupuncture treatments is to correct the imbalance in the body that is causing sleep apnea. Acupuncture is said to have astounding benefits on the sleeping patterns of persons completing treatments, and it is possible to restore a normal and healthy sleeping pattern after undergoing several acupuncture sessions. When undergoing acupuncture treatments, is generally recommended to commit to a change in diet and lifestyle as well. Caffeine consumption is also warned against.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are one of the most popular forms of herbal medicine. Vervain is one of the most commonly suggested herbs for helping sleep apnea. Some medical professionals believe that people with high ranges and changes in emotions are more prone to sleep apnea. Vervain, from the Verbena plant, is said to have calming effects on the emotions and may be able to help a patient control emotional problems associated with their disorder.

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